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Governmental Affairs

IFMA New Jersey Chapter
Government Affairs Committee
By: Paul McGrath, Committee Chairperson

IFMA's Advocacy Day & Public Policy Forum - September 20-21, Washington, D.C.
It was a good experience to learn how our democratic process works in Washington, D.C., when it works. There were approximately 50 IFMA members in attendance from around the country representing local or state IFMA chapters. Most regions of the country were represented.

We spent Tuesday afternoon with IFMA's Washington staff led by Jeff Johnson and their government relations firm Pace-Capstone The agenda included:
• Grass Roots Training
• Current Political Situation
• Overview of IFMA's Position of Certain Issues
• How to make the most of our meetings with members of congress or their staff

I met a number of chapter government affairs chair people from around the country; about half has been there last year. They were all proud of the passage of the 'Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010' with bi-partisan support that they lobbied for last year.

On Wednesday, we attended the Public Policy Forum in the Capitol Visitors Center organized by IFMA and the Federal Facilities Council. This was followed in the afternoon by visits scheduled by IFMA with members of congress for all the attending IFMA chapter representatives. The objective is that congressional representatives are more willing to listen to their constituents than to lobbyists.
The forum included presentations by 1 Senator, 2 Congressmen and a congressional aide for another congressman. It also included reports from a representative of General Services Administration (GSA) on the implementation of the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010 and the National Research Council (NRC) on Predicting Outcomes of Maintenance and Repair Investments for Federal Buildings and Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities.

Overall the forum was informative and personally gratifying. As far as the value to NJ IFMA, that goes to the membership's interest in being informed and involved on the policy decisions being made on the federal level that will directly or indirectly affect their operations now or in the future.

IFMA is committed to working with public and private sector partners to provide reliable information to our nation’s leaders on issues affecting the built environment and investing in our nation’s infrastructure by updating our country’s existing building stock. For more information on IFMA’s government affairs program visit the Government Affairs website at:

Committee Volunteers Wanted
We are seeking volunteers to participate in the Government Affairs Committee. If you are interested in what goes on in Trenton and Washington and how it impacts commercial buildings in New Jersey, this is the place. Contact the committee chairperson or the Volunteer Committee Chairperson for more information.

New Jersey Legislative Update

Federal Legislative Update

Implementation of HR 5112 - “Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010.”

IFMA’s Federal government relations team has been meeting with several agencies, led by the General Services Administration, to help implement legislation passed late in 2010 to provide training for individuals operating Federal buildings. The legislation, HR.5112, the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010, establishes stringent goals for Federal agencies to ensure that personnel engaged in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of federal buildings have the appropriate training to do so. Federal agencies have long been looked to as an example of what can be done within the built environment. Congress demonstrated its commitment to ensure that Federal buildings serve as public showcases and with increases in the Federal high-tech building inventory, the need for training has never been greater. IFMA will continue to work with the appropriate Federal agencies to craft programs implementing this landmark legislation.