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  Vision: To serve as a resource for the best Facilities Management practices to the New Jersey Facilities Management community. Mission: To create an environment of opportunities by leading, educating and connecting the FM Professionals.

NJIFMA Position: Chapter President

Name: Joseph Berdetta (FMP, Licensed New Jersey Electrical contractor)
Title: Facility Director
Employer:Kent Place School

Role with company: I oversee all maintenance, grounds, renovation, new construction, life safety, event set ups and logistics, and security for a 26 acre, 9 building private school with a total population of about 900 students, faculty and staff. The buildings age from 1894 to 2017.

Years as IFMA member: 7 years

Reason for joining NJ IFMA:The majority of my professional career has been in construction (electrical, mechanical and structural) and maintenance of mechanical systems. I was requested by Kent Place School to step in as a Facility Director while I was there consulting on other renovation projects. After doing a little research, IFMA seemed the best choice initially for me to get up to speed and learn the trade in a professional and efficient manner. It was a great decision.

Reason for joining the Board: NJ IFMA has been instrumental in providing the knowledge and confidence necessary for me to perform my job. For that reason, I feel the need to be involved and help them to develop more into the future with educational subject matter and training for others. This organization can be a major contributing asset to the facilities profession on a global level. I would like the opportunity to be involved in the development and possible national licensing process for FM. I see a fast paced and dynamic profession that will need continuity with educational development.

NJIFMA Position: First Vice President
Name: Adam Nasr, CFM, SFP
Title: Supervisor of Operations & Maintenance
Employer: Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

Role with company: Supervise/Direct maintenance and capital projects in District facilities with an enrollment of 4,000 PK-12 grade students.

Years as IFMA member: 2 years

Reason for joining IFMA: To pursue additional knowledge in the field of Facility Management. The information, certifications, and wisdom of IFMA members have become integral to the advancement of my career and helped me to implement sustainable operations in schools.

Reason for joining the Board: To help NJ IMFA develop thought leaders and best practices for organizations in pursuit of an ideal balance in their Triple Bottom Line.

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NJIFMA Position: Second Vice President
Name: Alex Hernandez
Title: : VP/Facilities Manager
Employer: Medtronic Eatontown

Role with company: : Manage the operation and maintenance of Facilities Engineering, Site Management, and Manufacturing Equipment for a medical device manufacturing site.

Years as an IFMA member: 2 years

Reason for joining IFMA: NJ IFMA provides the opportunity to interact with professionals from different aspects of Facilities Management and provides a learning environment through classroom training and very interesting Facilities Tours.

Reason for joining the Board: : I wanted to be part of the organization responsible for providing resources for the best Facilities Management practices to the NJ Facilities Management community.

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NJIFMA Position: Treasurer
Name: Steven Wharton
Title: : Manager of Facilities and Maintenance
Employer: Kearny Bank

Role with company: : Oversee the day to day maintenance operations of 43 bank branches and two corporate facilities, along with managing all aspects of branch remodels and new construction.

Years as an IFMA member: 10 years

Reason for joining IFMA: My employers promote goals that I have always valued and believed in; to continually increase one’s knowledge and understanding. This not only makes you a better employee, it promotes an atmosphere of cooperation through understanding and adds value to you as a person. I found that IFMA was an organization and an amazing network of likeminded professionals, that could help me in this and many other areas of my career.

Reason for joining the Board: I have greatly appreciated what being a part of NJ IFMA has done for me and I have always found fulfillment and satisfaction in helping others. Joining the board enables me to find ways to give back to NJ IFMA and its members, along with looking for others ways to promote the facilities management profession.

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NJ IFMA Position: Chapter Secretary
Name: Diana Barsoum
Title: Director of Business Development
Employer: The Liberty Group | Moving & Maintenance

Role with company: Building, maintaining and leveraging relationships to create opportunities that provide growth and long-term value for The Liberty Group. As a result, clients trust us with many of their business challenges, from relocating employees to helping manage their facilities across multiple sites.

Years as IFMA member: 2 years

Reason for joining IFMA: Facilities Management is a complex and fascinating discipline that deserves a clear understanding... I joined to learn about the daily challenges that Facility Managers face and to expand my network so that I can offer clients comprehensive solutions to make their (business) lives easier. Also, I was attracted to the chapter’s sub-groups, specifically the “Women in Facilities Management” group. NJ IFMA has proved to be a great resource for my professional development.

Reason for joining the Board: The board is run by a team of passionate volunteers. I have fresh ideas and initiatives to contribute to the group and fortunately some of them have already come to life! I am proud to serve an organization that has undeniably helped me grow both personally and professionally.

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NJIFMA Position: Immediate Past President
Name: Dennis Kowal, AIA, SFP, LEED AP
Title: Principal and Senior Designer

Role with company: Principal and Senior Designer of commercial, public and technology facilities at DENNIS KOWAL ARCHITECTS; providing masterplanning, interior design, and architecture in nine states from offices in Somerville, NJ. I also specialize in forensic architecture as an expert witness and solving building problems.

Years as IFMA member: 5 years

Reason for joining NJ IFMA: I joined originally to support a good friend and client who was acting President but quickly formed friendships with other like-minded professionals who share similar problems of facility management, energy savings, roof repairs, personnel management, and the like. Soon I was helping other FM’s achieve their Sustainable Facility Professional credential (SFP) and participating at the NJ IFMA Board Level to strategically plan our mission and shape our events. Attending meetings with my new friends, working with others to lead study groups and constantly observing the best practices in other facilities has yielded rich rewards in my life despite a business and personal schedule already filled with too much to do! But if you are an FM, you already know the drill.

Reason for joining the Board: I’m on the Board of the American Red Cross (Central Chapter), I’ve been President of the American Institute of Architects (Central Chapter) also sitting on their Board, and I currently hold a position on our Church Board. I joined the NJ IFMA to share a vision of mentoring others, making NJ IFMA a showcase for great education, practices, and leadership and to create a collaborative spirit among all the NJ professionals related to the Facility Management field. Our new initiatives include partnerships with colleges and high schools to promote the profession.

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NJIFMA Position: Membership Committee - Recruitment Chair
Name: Jerry Loehr
Employer: Blejwas Associates
Role with company:
Years as IFMA member: 6 years
Reason for joining IFMA: To be involved in a top organization, with the opportunity to rub elbows with people who always seek to better themselves professionally. Surrounding myself with the best, and by virtue of exposure I’ll improve.
Reason for heading a Committee: It has always been in my nature to get involved. I never want to be that person on the side lines with everything to say but no skin in the game.

NJIFMA Position: Membership Committee - Retention Chair
Name: Perry Cirigliano
Title: Territory Manager
Employer: The New Patrcraft and Designweave
Role with company: Business development and Design Industry Liaison
Years as IFMA member: 4 years
Reason for joining IFMA: I've been involved with various organizations and found that at NJ IFMA I enjoy the people and the organization.
Reason for heading a Committee: To assist in growing the membership and spread the word about the organization.

NJIFMA Position: Events Chair
Name: Nancy Morgan, ASID
Title: Owner
Employer: MORGAN + Associate
Role with company: Owner of Interior Design and Project Management firm.
Years as IFMA member: 4 years
Reason for joining IFMA: I attended meetings when I worked as a Facilities Planners for Reckitt Benckiser. I enjoyed the people and the organization.
Reason for heading a Committee: I have been friends for many years with Lesley Zitone, the former Associate Chair. I admired her work with the chapter and wanted to continue as well as help advance the role of Associate members within the chapter.

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NJIFMA Position: Program Co-Chairs
Name: Alice Acevedo and Jackie Lewis

NJIFMA Position: Communication/Public Relations Chair

NJIFMA Position: Education Committee Chair
Name: Joel Orton, AIA, CFM
Title: Senior Manager
Employer: Sanofi-aventis.
Role with company: As Senior Manager of Facilities Planning & Design at Sanofi-aventis, I am responsible for a wide-range of planning activities in support of the Pharmaceutical Operations business unit. Responsibilities range from strategic planning & workspace standards to facility databases and move & furniture services. Work is performed in a collaborative environment, working closely with both business leaders and colleagues within the facility management organization.
Years as IFMA member: 19 years
Reason for joining IFMA: A member of IFMA since 1993, I became active in the New Jersey Chapter after moving to the state in 2000. I recognized that my active involvement would be the best way to meet peers in the facility management industry and develop a professional network. In addition to the networking, I was looking for a way to continue my career development through education and professional development opportunities.
Reason for heading a Committee: I have always felt that offering relevant & timely educational programs is a key to the success of a chapter. Being involved in the Education Committee affords the opportunity to help ensure that the programs are valuable to our members and keeps me focused on the current issues facing the FM community. As an all-volunteer organization, the chapter provides members the chance to hone their leadership skills through committee involvement. In my case, I'm doing this by serving as the Education Committee Chair.

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NJIFMA Position: Location and Catering Coordinator
Name: Cynthia Hoogland
Title: President
Employer: Avila Fine Arts, LTD
Role with company: Marketing and Business Development.
Years as IFMA member: 9 years

NJIFMA Position: Program Documentation Coordinator
Name: Ray Koning
Title: Business Development Manager
Employer: EI Associates
Role with company: Director Business Development
Years as IFMA member: 17 years

NJIFMA Position: Special Events Coordinator

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NJIFMA Position: Sponsorship Co-Chairs
Name: Dan Beck
Employer: Jones Lang LaSalle
Role with company: Workplace Services Manager
Years as IFMA member: 8 years
Reason for joining IFMA: To learn about the FM role
Reason for joining the Board: To network with my peers.

Name: Caroline Shelly
Role with company:
Years as IFMA member:
Reason for joining IFMA:
Reason for joining the Board:

NJIFMA Position: Sustainability Committee Chair
Name: Ron Slember

NJIFMA Position: Golf Committee Coordinator
Name: Tom Hales
Title: Area Business Developer
Employer: Herman Miller
Role with company: Establish relationship with clients and help them get the most out of their Herman Miller experience.
Years as IFMA member: 4 years
Reason for joining IFMA: I joined IFMA to meet new people, network and have fun doing it.
Reason for heading a Committee: I enjoy heading up the golf committee because I love golf and providing a positive experience for people. Our golf committee puts a lot of time and care into the planning and execution of the day. This is something that I have a passion for and thoroughly enjoy.